Hi, I am Bruce Scott, "The Body Magician".

The reason I came across this work is because I was sick. At age ten I went from being an elite gymnast to living in a dark room unable to go outside and couldn't go to school for lack of energy. The fatigue was beyond anything I can explain.  Sunlight felt like red hot knitting needles poked in my eyes. My bones felt like broken glass. I had viral meningitis. The lining of my brain had swelled up and my immune system shut down. I was also diagnosed with ross river fever,  a mosquito born disease similar to Malaria.  At thirteen years of age, I had arthritis in every joint in my body.

After three years of extensive treatment with western medicine, nothing changed, my mother, who was not into alternative medicine at the time, heard of a tai chi master at the local primary school. She insisted that I go and learn tai chi. I also started having a full body Swedish remedial massage once a week.  I didn't believe anything was going to work but I was willing to try. Within six months, I was fully recovered! I could play sports outdoors, run for miles and started boxing. I got my life back! 

The combination of movement, breathing and massage transformed my life. Now let me transform yours. 


The way I see it. We are all spiritual, physical, mental and emotional beings.  Those four aspects of ourselves interconnect and interrelate. If any one of them is disowned or not fully optimised, then the potential for the whole being to be best version of itself is diminished. 

Your body has an innate healing capacity. You are a self organising, self optimising system. I work with your body to support it and give it the time, energy, space and feedback it needs to heal itself.  

I have an innate ability to see what you are holding onto and invite you to let go of as much as that as you are comfortable. 

( You can get more benefit in 5 - 10 minutes of balancing on my feet than from 90 minutes of massage or from a visit to the chiropractor / physiotherapy ) 

Through 25 years of studying martial arts, massage and movement ( Yoga,  Chi gong, Feldenkrais ) to name a few,  I have developed the ability to tune in to where your body is at and see the potential of where it could be. 

I can align your body with that which is of highest value to you, so you can tap into the energy, clarity and creativity needed to achieve your goals easily.


People who are committed to being the best version of themselves. I work with top athletes, entrepreneurs, business owners, CEO's, actors, musicians, performers. In short, people who care deeply about the quality of their performance. 


Because I love it! I love seeing you step into the best version of yourself and achieve your goals.  The best moment of my day is when a client tells me:

"I've just taken three minutes off my personal best" 

"I've doubled my income, working less and resting more"

 "My surgeon has cancelled surgery, he said I don't need it" 

"I've just played the game of my life"

" You saved my marriage!" 


You book yourself in for a complimentary intro call or a full session with me HERE. Then you visit me at my studio in Randwick. We check in with where you are at, where you would love to be, and you get to experience a session for yourself. If at the end of that we are confident that us working together is going to be an awesome experience, we then create your personalised game plan and choose a package that works for you.